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Annemarie O(10) says:


I started Pregnancy Pilates with Alice at around 16 weeks pregnant and loved my first series of classes so much that I signed up to attend both of her classes each week, and managed to attend both up until 41 weeks pregnant, (sadly attending classes didn't help my baby to arrive on time!) Unlike my first pregnancy, I found it really beneficial to gently maintain muscle strength and mobility, particularly of my core and pelvis area, which Alice's classes greatly helped with. I'm sure this is the reason my post-birth recovery was quicker than with my first baby. Alice is hugely knowledgeable in Pilates techniques and exercises, and also regarding labour and birth, and has a friendly and relaxed teaching style. I particularly enjoyed the tea and chat time at the end of each class which gave me a chance to make friends with other mums-to-be. I had a busy second pregnancy with little time to focus on me and my baby, but I'm really thankful I joined Alice's classes as it gave me a precious couple of hours each week to relax and connect with my baby - I'll treasure my memories of my classes always!

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistSonya G(23)

Sonya G(23)

Sonya G(23) says:


I would highly recommend these pregnancy pilates classes. Not just a way to keep healthily exercising but a great way to meet other pregnant ladies. I was new to Amersham and these classes introduced me to some lovely ladies, some of which I still see on a regular basis. As I was expecting my second, I found I appreciated the me time and social chats at the end of the class.

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistRachel M(1484)

Rachel M(1484)

Rachel M(1484) says:

"Alice's pregnancy pilates classes are not just a great, enjoyable way of keeping fit during pregnancy but also an opportunity to meet other mums to be, and pick up hints and tips on handling pregnancy and labour. Having felt the benefits of the classes, have now enrolled into Mummy Maintenance."

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistAlison L(509)

Alison L(509)

Alison L(509) says:

Great classes that you really will benefit from!! It didn't take long to start seeing and feeling some results from the classes. Alice is full of useful information that is both educational, practical and beneficial for all. The classes also provide a great opportunity to leave baby at home with dad and have some 'you' time without baby attached!!

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistKimberley S(156)

Kimberley S(156)

Kimberley S(156) says:

I have enjoyed the pilates class with Alice. It has made me feel very positive, as I am doing something to help me and the baby, as well as aiding my chances of a natural birth. It is lovely to meet other Mums to be, and Alice makes you feel very relaxed. The fact that Alice explains the movements and positions as to why we are doing them, and what benefits they will be help maximise the chance of everything going to plan, very reassuring!! She also always follows up the class with notes so you feel informed as well as exercised! I thoroughly recommend joining!

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistNicki W(98)

Nicki W(98)

Nicki W(98) says:

Alice's pregnancy pilates classes have been both a physical help to me and very informative. As a second time mum to be, there was a lot I had forgotten about breathing techniques, movement and relaxation during pregnancy and birth. Alice is always friendly and approachable and happy to help with any questions or issues, I would definitely recommend her and her classes.

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistCaroline D(580)

Caroline D(580)

Caroline D(580) says:

Alice’s pilates sessions are a great way to meet other local pregnant ladies whilst exercising all those important parts ready for the big day! From pelvic floor exercises to strengthening the essential muscles and through to relaxation, her classes make you come out feeling revived and ready to face anything! At times being pregnant I have just wanted to curl up on the sofa but these pilates sessions are definitely worth the effort and money.

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistMaiya V

Maiya V

Maiya V says:

I've been attending Alice's Pilates class for the last few months and started when I was 13 weeks pregnant. The class is perfectly tailored towards pregnant women with a good balance of exercise, information, socialising and relaxation. 
The exercise element is challenging but not strenuous and Alice explains the techniques and benefits as you go along. Alice also has time for specific questions and needs which is an additional benefit. I would definitely recommend the class to women who are looking to strengthen themselves for labour, childbirth, parenthood and beyond.

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistMarisa A(15)

Marisa A(15)

Marisa A(15) says:

I started pregnancy pilates when I was 12 weeks pregnant and it really helped me going through pregnancy without much back pain. Alice is really nice and she gives lots of good advice to help you during labour. It is also a good way to meet other mummies. I have enjoyed it so much that I am now doing Mummy maintenance classes. 

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistJoanne R(660)

Joanne R(660)

Joanne R(660) says:

I had never done Pilates before stating pregnancy Pilates with Alice and I haven't stopped since. Alice is very knowledgable and friendly teacher. Pilates definitely made my pregnancy more comfortable and strengthened my pelvic floor muscles. I made some great friends too. Since having my baby I have returned to Pilates doing Alice's mummy maintenance class and I instantly feel better. My back ache has gone, my core is stronger making lifting and carrying my baby easier and my stomach flatter. I tried a local Pilates class but it wasn't the same and it's worth the 30min drive each way. The class has a really good flow, relaxing music and just whizzes by.

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistJennifer P(370)

Jennifer P(370)

Jennifer P(370) says:

I have been doing Mummy Maintenance Pilates for a little over 30 classes and I absolutely love how Alice leads them. She creates a calming atmosphere to help you relax and gives helpful guidance towards posture, carrying little ones and other post-pregnancy issues. My biggest regret is I didn't think to do the Pregnancy classes before my little girl was born. Highly recommended!

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistJo S(984)

Jo S(984)

Jo S(984) says:

A fantastic class and teacher. Alice is very friendly and welcoming with a great knowledge and supportive words. I find her classes very relaxing and will definately be continuing as long as I can.

Bucks Pilates - Pregnancy and Postnatal SpecialistDanielle B(382)

Danielle B(382)

Danielle B(382) says:

Alice is so friendly and welcoming; I would highly recommend her classes! They're really relaxing, giving you an opportunity to focus on your baby and they've been invaluable at preparing me for labour and birth. It's also been great to meet lots of other new mums-to-be!

Gretchen, Midwife, Amersham said:   April 9th, 2013 7:13 pm

Alice's Pilates class is a wonderful combination of doing something good for your body, mind & baby. Its the perfect class for me as I love pilates as a form of exercise. As a midwife, I have delivered many babies & attending the class as a mum to be has been incredibly beneficial. I've met & shared with other Mums which is invaluable. I'm strengthening my body for the birth & after & I'm calming my mind & giving it strength too. Alice does a wonderful job of uniting all these factors & sharing her own knowledge & invaluable experience with the group. It's a must on my list of things to do when you're pregnant & preparing for birth!

Jemma Reeves, Beaconsfield said:   April 8th, 2013 9:32 pm

Great way to meet people with a common cause! I look forward to the Saturday morning sessions - it's fantastic to have a range of techniques that could be used in preparation and during labour - I particularly enjoy the relaxation part at the end of the class and struggle every time to not actually fall asleep during it! Alice is a very informative teacher and offers lots of practical advice - so it feels as though you are getting value for money - I will definitely be investigating Alice's classes post birth! I would recommend joining these sessions as it gives you a bit of you time but its also great for baby bump too - and there's tea and biscuits at the end - perfect! Thanks Alice : )

Fiona said:   April 8th, 2013 9:31 pm

Alice is a great instructor, as well as being very welcoming she is so knowledgeable and passionate on her subject. Being a mum of two it probably helps as she knows what we're all going through. This is my second pregnancy and I did yoga throughout my first and am doing yoga and pilates through this one and like the contrast between the two. It's great thinking about the core muscles and building strength in a safe way as well as doing a lot of focus on pelvic floor which is vital for all mums! I recommend this class as you work your body is a safe way and feel great afterwards. You also have a chance for relaxation and a cup of tea and chat with other mums to be.

Rebecca Gomes said:   April 6th, 2013 10:45 am

Just to let you know our baby girl was born yesterday, 7lb 12oz. I mangaged with just gas and air and your VERY handy breathing techniques! Thank you! Please keep me informed of your postnatal classes!

Kate Kendall said:   March 25th, 2013 4:07 pm

A brilliant way to see you through your pregnancy I can't recommend Alice and her classes enough, I enjoyed them so much that I went on both Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. The relaxation is vital for working mum's with bumps and I found it to be the only real time that I could concentrate on bump and me without interruption. Alice is a truly lovely teacher and I'm really glad I have had the pleasure of joining her class. The biggest thing for me is the focus on labour, breathing and also your pelvic floor - you won't get better preparation anywhere else! A must for every pregnant lady.

Emma McBride said:   March 23rd, 2013 3:55 pm

Pregnancy Pilates kept me sane during the last trimester of my pregnancy. Everyone told me to take it easy, put my feet up….I was sick of feeling like a couch potatoe! In the pilates class I felt ‘normal’ again. I could challenge my body in a safe way. I also gave birth squatting, I wouldnt have been able to do this before the classes. They built up my endurance and strength in preparation for labour. I would highly recommend these classes and will be attending them again if we have another child. I have met some lovely friends through these classes! Thank you Alice!

Jeanette Koski said:   September 14th, 2013 7:03 pm

As you saw on Facebook Ivy May weighing 3.8kg was born on Tuesday morning and she was sooooo late - 12 days! Luckily the 4th sweep worked and I didn't have to be induced and i had the natural birth i wanted. I managed on 2 paracetamol and your breathing techniques until the 2nd phase when i had a bit of gas and air! Thank you so much for all the advice you gave us on birthing positions and breathing. I tried to remember it all when i was in labour and used lots of the techniques and consequently felt like i had lots of tricks up my sleeve to manage the pain. Please tell all your ladies that they can do it without loads of drugs if they just have confidence in themselves! The Birthing Centre in High Wycombe was exceptional and I received first class care. I can't recommend it highly enough and it's so sad to think it will close this year if more mums don't use it. I was the only one giving birth on Tuesday so we had the entire ward and 2 midwives to ourselves and it felt like the private wing! The next day there was rush no to leave and I had loads of advice on breast feeding and my own health from the midwives. Please mention the Birthing Centre to your mums in case they're considering it - it really was brilliant - my best experience yet. I'd love to continue on with your Pilates classes when I'm allowed - looking forward to mummy maintenance already!

Fatima said:   August 19th, 2013 7:32 pm

I love the Mummy Maintenance classes! It is unlike anything I've done before but so effective, I really feel it the following few days and I am pretty convinced that this will make a huge difference and give me a more streamlined look!

Lizzy said:   July 31st, 2013 7:25 pm

I've really enjoyed Alice's pregnancy pilates course. This is my second pregnancy, and it's been great to spend some time each week focusing on this pregnancy and baby. Alice has some invaluable tips for labour preparation, as well as exercises for pelvic floors. It's been good to hear how other Mums-to-be are getting on and have a chat about how people are coping with all the niggles (and the heatwave!). I'm looking forward to the mummy maintenance classes after the birth.

Catherine, Amersham said:   July 30th, 2013 11:16 am

Alice's class has been such a great part of my pregnancy because its made me do some essential exercise, learn invaluable tips on movement and breathing for labour, as well as meeting other mums to share advice and tips. Its also has a great way of making you feel that your worries and aches and pains aren't just yours, but other mums to be as well which is very reassuring. I feel much more prepared for what's to come in labour than I would have done without the class. Looking forward to mummy maintenance as well!

Catherine said:   July 25th, 2013 8:35 pm

I loved each wed night class. It was great to have an hour each week after work to talk bumps, work out those pelvic floors and sort out the weeks pregnancy twinges (it really did help with these!) When I got pregnant, I was looking for a class which would give me a bit of physical prep for the birth, but the classes offered a lot more and also covered breathing, how to do different pelvic floor exercises (who knew that there was more than just clench and hold!) and hints and tips from Alice and other mums who had been through it all before which was great. The classes definitely gave me more confidence in the whole pregnancy process all the way from week 15 through to 38! Can highly recommend the class.