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Old Amersham, Chesham Bois and Beaconsfield.

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As a fully qualified and experienced Pilates Teacher, Primary School Teacher and mum of 3 children (8 years, 6 years and 2 years), I am extremely passionate about delivering fun and effective Pilates for Children!

I am so excited to be teaching Bucks Pilates Kids Club sessions in Amersham. These classes are Pilates based focusing on

- core strength

- balance

- flexibility

- co-ordination

- having fun!

What do the classes include?

- some of the traditional Pilates movements

- stories, imagination and games including the Pilates movements

- games to improve strength, stamina and co-ordination

- the teacher in me will always look for an opportunity to link Pilates with      Phonics, creativity and enhancing their love of learning. 

- We travel to the jungle, toy shops, haunted houses and more.

Who can attend these classes?

- Pilates can help children who need that extra bit of help with core strength, muscle awareness and co-ordination

- Pilates can compliment other sporting activities eg tennis (Andy Murray practises Pilates ), football (most Premiership players practise Pilates), swimming, gymnastics, dancing.

- There has been a lot of positive research proving Pilates can help with dyspraxia and dyslexia too!

What age can children start Pilates?
By starting Pilates as a child you are giving your children the best chance to develop strong cores, excellent posture, and good balance, flexibility and co-ordination; all essential for everyday life and sporting activities.

Lessons are planned for specific age-related challenges...

Early Years - Under 5's

Key Stage 1 - 5-7 years

Key Stage 2 - 7-9 years

Secondary School

Children will be kept active for the full session. The lessons are planned to be challenging, effective, achievable and fun, fun, fun!!!

Tell your school about us!

I also have a team who are able to come into more schools for lunch clubs/after school clubs and help the children get stronger, more flexible and coordinated whilst having fun!

I also run workshops for Teachers and Nursery staff to provide them with the resources and session plans to enable them to teach Pilates in their PE lessons. 

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