Alice’s classes have a welcoming atmosphere and the exercises are challenging without being impossible. I love it.  Madeleine

Alice provides a calm and relaxed manner to her classes, which are held in lovely locations. I am 100% a complete Pilates convert and can honestly say that attending her classes over the last two years has really helped with my core strength, pelvic floor and controlling my 'mummy tummy'. Thank you, Bucks Pilates!  KS

Alice's classes are unique in that they are targeted at and attended by younger people than the usual Pilates class. Therefore, the music more relatable, the pace is faster and the vibe is perfect for women in their 20s/30s/40s.  EC

Alice is a lovely teacher! The benefits are clear.  MJ

The Bucks Pilates classes are great.  I really enjoyed them.  ST

The Bucks Pilates classes are great for posture and core strength. Alice ensures that the programme compliments other exercise routines.  JA

Alice is a great teacher and has a natural way with people. She is able to talk through the exercises in a way which we can all understand. Whilst I joined the classes to strengthen my body, my mind has benefited in equal measure: being able to focus on the present, means I leave the class with more energy than I entered.  Tara

The Bucks Pilates classes with Alice are brilliant.  Great pace – you know you have had a workout, but still a great mental relaxation at the same time.  CR

I feel taller and stronger, and hoping I stand straighter!  I love Alice’s Pilates and I can’t imagine ever stopping.  JA

Alice’s classes cater for all abilities and she is supportive if you need any help.  

Alice’s classes are a perfect one hour of me time.  Alice’s classes are always full of variety and I come away feeling like I might ache the following morning. HH

What do my ladies say about my Beginner Pilates, Fitness Pilates and High Intensity Pilates classes?

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